PDCHEA is a Christian homeschool support group. We are here to support and encourage families who have chosen to take on the challenge of homeschooling their children. 

Although our organization is here to uplift and support one another in this adventure, PDCHEA does not meet the South Carolina requirement for accountability.  You will have to join an additional group to meet the state standard.  There are three options available to SC homeschool families:  public school district, SCAIHS, or a third option group.

Some of the programs that we offer are: Monthly Mom's Meetings, Weekly Science Labs and Enrichment Classes, High School Outings, Science Fair, History Fair, Group Field Trips, Holiday Parties, Field Trips, and Annual Iowa Testing.

Membership requires annual dues of $40 per family.  The dues pay the expenses that PDCHEA incurs throughout the year.  We keep the expense on families as low as possible because we realize that most homeschoolers are single-income families.

NOTE:  We are a support group for families who choose to educate their children under one of the three options outlined in the state statute regarding homeschooling.  We are unable to accept families who participate in the "public school at home" option.

For more information about membership, please use the Contact Us page.

If you are ready to join, please send a completed Membership Application along with $40 for annual dues to the address below ($50.00 after July 23, 2018):

P.O. Box 3861
Florence, SC. 29501-3861

We look forward to supporting and encouraging you.